Rasmus Lundquist, CSO of Reapplix joined Bill Richlen, the founder of Wound Care Gurus, in a live Facebook interview to discuss the science and the mechanism of action behind 3C Patch®, as well as what differentiates 3C Patch® from the existing wound care solutions on the market.

The 3C Patch® Technology makes it possible to offer a more personalized therapy to patients suffering from chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers. Made from a small sample of the patient’s own blood, the 3C Patch® is applied directly to the wound, delivering the active blood cells that can orchestrate the healing process.

There are no reagents or additives used in the process to create a 3C Patch®, thus making it one of the few truly autologous wound care solutions on the market.

The interview touches on clinical data, RCT results, implementation in routine clinical practice, etc.

See below the interview or contact us if you have additional questions about the 3C Patch® Technology.