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Every wound is personal

Every 3C Patch® is unique and 100% natural because it is made from your own blood sample to help you manage your wound.

Although you may have a chronic wound, your own blood does contain the biological components needed to create your unique 3C Patch® without using any additives.

Entirely from your own blood – nothing else

What is the 3C Patch® procedure like?


A small blood sample is drawn directly into the 3C Patch® Device. No additives are needed.


Your nurse places your blood sample directly into the 3CP® Centrifuge.


The process takes about 20 minutes. During this time you may relax while your wound is prepared for 3C Patch® application.


After centrifugation, your moist 3C Patch® is ready.


Your moist 3C Patch® is applied directly to your wound.

3C Patch® therapy

Management of your wound usually continues with weekly treatments, the timing depends on your wound; 8-10 treatments are not uncommon. Your healthcare professional will provide you with instructions on how to handle your wound between individual treatment sessions.

Good to know:

3C Patch® is prepared from your small blood sample, 18 ml is all that is needed to prepare one patch.

If your dressings are changed between clinic visits, please ask the person who does your dressing changes to leave your 3C Patch® and Tricotex dressing in place. These dressings must be changed by your clinic. Other dressings, often referred to as ‘secondary’ dressings, may be changed as needed.

Preparing your 3C Patch® is safe and fast. The average process time is 20 minutes but if you are taking anticoagulants it may increase the time it takes to make your 3C Patch®. Some examples of anticoagulants: Xarelto, Eliquis, Arixtra, Coumadin, Jantoven (Warfarin), Lovenox, Fragmin, Pradaxa, Angiomax, Clopidogrel.

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