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Patient flow in your clinical practice

Drawing the blood sample on arrival

Drawing the blood when the patient arrives saves your valuable clinic time as the 3C Patch® is prepared automatically using the 3CP® Centrifuge while the wound bed may be cleaned and debrided, if indicated.

An 18 ml blood sample is drawn by venipuncture into the sterile vacuum 3CP® Device, in a process identical to normal blood sampling.

One 18 ml blood sample is sufficient to create a 5 cm2 3C Patch®. If more than one patch is needed, an additional blood sample is required. Two patches can be prepared during a single visit.


Correctly applying the 3C Patch®

The moist and robust fibrin rich 3C Patch® should be removed from the
3CP® Device using tweezers and if necessary cut to size with sterile scissors.

It is important to place the 3C Patch® correctly onto the wound site.
The side of the patch with the concentrated contents must be placed directly in contact with the prepared wound bed.

The fibrin rich layer must be placed away from the wound bed, this is the side that faces the top of the device when it is opened. See instructional video above.

For further instructions on applying the 3C Patch® always refer to the written instructions for use supplied with the product.


3C Patch® care and changes

The 3C Patch® is usually changed after 1 week.

Patients should avoid getting the 3C Patch® wet and be instructed not to change the dressing in direct contact with the patch and holding the patch in place.

Patients may be instructed to change the outer dressing in accordance with clinic instructions.

The use of 3C Patch® usually continues while wound closure is taking place. The timing depends on the specific wound aetiology. See Clinical Data section for a more detailed indication of when wound closure occurs.

Instructions for use

You may download the “Instructions for Use” here.



The automated processing time is normally below 20 minutes and monitored automatically by the 3CP® Centrifuge.

Process video

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